updated 1st October 2021

Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies Anyway?

Luca.africa uses cookies, which are small pieces of data saved on your phone or computer, to improve your browsing experience.

Please, keep reading to learn what information we collect with cookies, how we use that information, why we sometimes store it and how you can disable cookies on your browser.

Cookies We Set

When You Sign In

We use cookies to save your login information so you don't have to sign in all over again every time you go to a new page.

We typically clear these cookies when you sign out to prevent access to features that require signing in.

Email Newsletters

We use cookies to save information you give us when you subscribe to our emails. This helps us avoid duplicate subscriptions and controls the notifications you see.


We set cookies to remember your user information when you fill a form or download information on the website.

Third-Party Cookies

Sometimes, we set cookies from trusted third parties.

Please, keep reading to learn about third-party cookies on luca.africa.

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